Oldest Person to Finish a USA Triathlon-sanctioned Duathlon and Triathlon

Charlie on bike during Central Florida Duathlon Series race May 14, 2011On May 14, 2011, Charlie became the first person over 90 years old to complete a USA-Triathlon sanctioned Duathlon with a time of 2:09:07 at the Central Florida Duathlon Series in Clermont, Florida. The race started at Waterfront Park with a 1-mile run, followed by a 10-mile bicycle lap around Lake Minneola and concluded with another 3-mile run. At the same course on June 11th, Charlie did the full Sprint distance triathlon of a 1/4 mile swim, followed by a 10-mile bike course and 3-mile run, with a time of 2:18:38. The USA Triathlon association believes Charlie is the only person 90-years old to finish officially sanctioned Duathlon and Triathlon races. Read the stories and see the videos for more ...

Six-Time IRONMANŽ Competitor

Charlie at home with medals around his neckAn Ironman® race is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). A full distance IronMan® is a 140.6 mile race consisting of a:
• 2.4 mile (3.86 km) swim
• 112 mile (180.25 km) bike
• Full marathon (26 miles 385 yards, 42.195 km) run
which must be raced in that order, without a break. All Ironman® events have a strict time limit of 17 hours to complete the race.

Charlie has competed in 6 consecutive IronMan® World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. His best finish was in 1992 where he was 3rd in the world for his age group (70-75), and 1st in the U.S. with a time of 15:35:23. More about IronMan® competitions...